What is GLMM, and When Should You Use It?

Reach the next level of your statistics proficiency with our most advanced webinar yet.
Instructor: Kim Love

You've probably heard of GLMM (generalized linear mixed models) -- or maybe you've heard of one of its popular software implementations, such as glmer or GLIMMIX.

Are you wondering if this is something that you need to use when analyzing your data?

Important: Attendees should feel comfortable with linear models, and it may be helpful to have some background in generalized linear models and/or linear mixed effects models. This webinar is not software specific.

Covered in this webinar:

The type of outcome variables that may require GLMM
The structure of data that may require GLMM
The assumptions of GLMM
A basic outline of the analytical method
Examples of the practical results obtained from GLMM