How to Benefit from Stata's Bountiful Resources
Explore different commands and resources to help you create accurate analyses in significantly less time.
Instructor: Jeff Meyer

Stata has perhaps the best support resources of any statistical software to help you prepare and analyze your data. These resources are helpful for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced users.

For just about any Stata command, there are FAQs, text books, Stata Journal articles, and third party add-ons — not to mention the built in help page.

Even these help pages are detailed — broken into subsections: description, syntax, menu, and examples.

Learning the nuances of the resources and how to quickly find the one you need will help you create accurate analysis in significantly less time.

This free one hour webinar recording will be packed full of information that will help reduce those frustrating moments that we all experience when using software.

Covered in this webinar:

Commands with few options
Commands with many options
And more!