The Craft of Statistical Analysis
The Analysis Factor Free Webinar Series

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Types of Reliability
Some variables are straightforward to measure without error. But many, if not most, are not.
Wednesday, November 10 at 3pm EST


Understanding Probability, Odds, and Odds Ratios in Logistic Regression
Odds ratios are the bane of many data analysts. Interpreting them can be like learning a whole new language.
Wednesday, December 1 at 4pm EST

Interpreting Linear Regression Coefficients
There are many coefficients in linear regression models that are difficult to interpret — interactions, categorical predictors, centered predictors..
Thursday, December 9 at 2pm EST

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"Thank you so much. You are one heck of a teacher!"
Dan Lofald, Teacher Educator

The Craft of Statistical Analysis is The Analysis Factor’s Free Webinar Series.
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